Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wanted: Your Groovy Tracks to Empower "High-Risk" Teens to "High Hopes"

Earlier this December, I had an amazing time at Pahoa High on the Big Island with “at-risk” teens. Many of them come from broken homes and live with challenges like substance abuse, domestic violence, or parents/family in jail, if not, incarceration themselves. After talking with them openly & really hearing their heart, I see them as “high hopes” rather than “high risk,” as Jack Canfield has said. I shared “Beauty of You” with them & one of the girls was overcome with emotion & just buried her head in her arms. Another boy told me later that the song made him feel funny. I asked, “Did it make you feel sick?” And he said “no” – it gave him “chicken skin” (island pidgin for “goosebumps”). They are not used to hearing messages that they are beautiful & powerful. I don’t think anyone has ever told them to shine their light, to bring their gifts & talents forward. I knew in that moment that music could be an empowering force in their life.

So, I’m asking all you artist/producer friends of mine if you’d like to donate a groovy track, just instrumental with a bumpin’ groove/beat (like current music they’d listen too), for them to create raps to, for them to free-style or free-flow with their own lyrics. My idea was to give them a CD filled with tracks for them to express themselves through rap & song. We could also title our songs with a theme – something to inspire the rap…maybe titles like “If I Could Change the World” or “My Gift to Give” (about their talents & skills) or “My Dream” Remember, we want to give them tracks that have the same feel/production of songs they dig already - i.e. today r&b, dance, even reggae (or island "jawaiian" that's popular in Hawaii)

If you’re interested in donating a track, please forward me:
*Link to the song or email MP3 to faithgroover@hotmail.com
*Writer & Publisher Information (i.e. Faith Rivera/Lil’ Girl Creations)
*Name & contact info (email addy & website)

For anyone interested in funding this project (the manufacturing cost), please feel free to email me as well with your contact info. I’m just putting this project together now. I’m not sure where it might lead, but know it is an awesome first step in supporting these youth to be all that they can be & a wonderful resource for the amazing teachers that dedicate their lives to enriching the youth.

Thanks in advance!!!


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